Realization of The Eternal Present

What we fundamentally identify ourselves with will shape our experience of life. It will be a foundation for how we navigate life’s challenges, hardships and emotions.

The nature of all things is change. From one moment to moment, nothing is truly exactly the same as it once was. This truth is something we human beings seemingly have great difficulty accepting.

Planet Earth is always moving through space. And every molecule within our bodies is always in perpetual motion, changing position constantly.

The realization that everything is change can be unnerving for many of us. Thus, we seek that which is beyond change: The Eternal Present.

The idea of eternity becomes a backdrop for all the continuous transformation happening in the timed realm of changing states. It is as though eternity is a person standing behind a curtain, motionless, watching us perform the grand play on stage.

When temporary events occur in your life which may attempt to make you feel anxiety or stress, remember exactly that: They are temporary. They will pass.

The present is the only place we can experience eternity. Eternity may sound like an enormous expanse of never-ending time, yet it is actually found in that which might be thought is smaller than time: Now. Eternity and the present share this link because they are both concepts which are beyond time itself. Thus, they are not actually concepts at all when we experience them.

Life should be more than simply navigating from one crisis to the next. And indeed, true life is much more than that. True life, or rather, aliveness, is a perspective which sees beyond the current circumstances around us. That aliveness can help to carry us new places we had not imagined were possible.

Live present. Live eternal. Live now.

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