How Gratitude Aligns Your Perception With Truth

As a child, Thanksgiving was always a wonderful holiday. Extended family members would al gather and have amazing food, play sports, and it was generally just a really fun day. There of course was always a moment when everyone would say one thing they are thankful for, and then we’d dig in to all the delicious smelling nutrients and treats.

Growing up, Thanksgiving was seen as one day out of the year where gratitude was expected. It was a day of remembrance that we all can likely find something to be grateful for in our lives, and a hope that we will carry that gratitude into our other days of the year. However, in the same way that the majority of people who make a “New Year’s Resolution” do not keep them, it’s not always easy to take the intention of one day and translate it into being an active part of all our days.

I believe in something called Truth. By using the word “Truth,” I mean something much deeper than what is factual and accurate. I use the word “Truth” to embody the highest qualities of what we can aspire to live out through our lives. To live a life of love, compassion, generosity, peace, contentment, enjoyment, and inner-freedom are what I call the qualities of Truth. And gratitude is also at the core of what I believe to be the nature of Truth.

We can certainly practice being more grateful in our lives. We can wake up each and make our first activity a gratitude practice, considering the things we thankful to have in our lives. Yet gratitude becomes apart of ourselves when we realize it is actually at the nature of who we are. Gratitude does not come and go whether we are practicing it or not; it is here now and always to express the beauty of existence.

Gratitude is what sets free from the illusions of lack. In fact, the word gratitude itself, which comes from the Greek word gratis, essentially means to be free, or free of charge. When we align our perspective with the truth of gratitude being at the root of who we are, we become a gift to the world.

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