Accepting Who The World Told You Not To Be

There are parts of ourselves we learn to bury. We are born into this world and the social spheres we inhabit all come with their own set of expectations.

Many of us steered away from things we love to do growing up because of the belief that what we love will not translate into a good-paying job as we grow into adulthood.

Many of us might imagine idealistic notions about how we could create a better world, not just for ourselves, but for all of life. Yet instead of receiving encouragement or pursuit of our dreams, we are told to be realistic. “Realistic” often means accepting things as they are and playing along so that we will be able to survive.

Many live from a belief system of survival. However, I believe life is meant not to only survive, but to thrive. And when we thrive, we actually survive at an optimal level.

Thriving involves a full-acceptance of ourselves as we are. It is in that place of acceptance that we can experience a liberation we had perhaps felt was there, yet never dared to try.

So, consider your life and your experiences. What are the ways in which the world told you not to be something you truly felt you are?

What dream did you want to pursue while growing up that you were convinced was not something you should do?

What idealistic notions have you had about the way life and the world could be, but were told you should do something else?

What parts of yourself have been suppressed that you need to look at, and see if there are areas you should let them out to gain a deeper understanding of who you are?

What parts of yourself do you need to accept, that the world told you not to be?

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